Coworking office design

Rapid growth leading to commodification

The intriguing concept of Coworking is relatively new but is growing at an enormous rate of more than 40% each year. It is fast becoming an “industry” transforming the 41.6 million sqft of traditional leased office space market.  As the concept is gathering main stream attention, rapid commodification is becoming indispensable. The core essence of a community driven cohesive work-space is facing a difficult time to differentiate itself from the business of merely renting desks .

Is your Coworking ready to emerge out successfully from the commodity trap that is rapidly setting in?



Evolution of work-space design into a solid value addition for coworkers to stand out in a commodity driven market.

Design Darwinism is the concept to deploy design as the distinctive advantage to enhance the essence of Coworking.  It is that edge which shall allow your coworking spaces to be an experience rather than a simple monetary commodity in open competition.  It has the ability to project a strong identity for the ethos of your coworking, which speaks out loud for itself as against a forced upon marketing gimmick.

As coworking is moving from small floor plates to huge complexes, the dichotomy of scale vs. personalization is becoming a deeper challenge. A well thought work-space has to strike the right balance between more humane spaces leading to personalization at smaller scales along with efficiency at larger scales to push forth economic feasibility . 


Running with the pack wouldn’t help, creating differentiation through innovation and establishing an unique identity will.

Coworking office design
Coworking office design

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The definition of good design has moved from mere aesthetics to creative solutions that can solve consumer needs.

Creating Coworking spaces that have the power to narrate their own stories.

In its initial phases, the energy and dynamism of the concept as well as the physical workspace of coworking spaces provide a refreshing break to early coworkers from the mundane character of large corporate offices.  Energy of the new concept backed with nontraditional environment created an atmosphere for collaboration and innovation. But as coworking enters its  massive growth phase, those who would embrace innovation at every level with deeper understanding of the evolving consumer needs shall be the leader.

Its that time when challenges ought to be found and solutions created. One needs to question that  how can a physical workspace start to influence the collaborative nature of workplace and at the same time provide them a sense of individuality and privacy. How does design help to create a sense of belonging and ownership amongst coworkers so that they start connecting to their workspaces at a deeper level increasing their loyalty.  How does design provide solutions of users problems at the smallest scale from how to organise their tables to a space enabling them to think creatively.

Does the design enable people to look at their workspaces as extensions representing themselves instead of a mere commodity ?

Innovation stories of unconventional coworking concepts keep emerging from around the world . The success of Brooklyn's navy Yard transformed into a steel intensive huge coworking space resonating with its specific use-base , tech-entrepreneurs and transformation of an opium factory in china into a whimsical coworking space reinforces the idea of innovation through a context sensitive approach for sustainable coworking design. Antwraps's new coworking space has designed its circulation space to create a walking track recreate "High Line-like feeling" where "you can take different types of walks and discover something new each time" creating a unique value addition for workspace lifestyle of its coworkers.


Chaukor Studio 

Chaukor studio has been involved in creating  unique work-spaces to match the Indian context. We create modern work spaces which are in tuned with the Indian context and its sensibilities. We have realized numerous office spaces for a variety of organizations ranging from upcoming coworking spaces, to design oriented themed offices, to corporate headquarters for some of the most inspiring work cultures.

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