Origamy Office , Noida

Project : Corporate Office
Client   : JJ Prints Pvt Ltd
Project Area : 7,750 sqft
Project Estimate   : Rs 1 Crore
Completion Date : February, 2012

Origami office is the administrative office space for a publishing house, since paper is the core material that is used within the premises, it is used as an inspiration to transform a standard grid structure into a dynamic space.

The space is visualized as a plane that folds up at various places and offers niches of distinct size and character. To further enhance it, both natural and artificial lights are introduced at various levels and scales to create the dramatic effect.

“The standard 8x8 grid structure is transformed into a dynamic office space with play of light and shadows folded and wrapped like paper”

Built Form
The starting point for the project was a blank hall formed by a 8m by 8 m column grid. The rigidness of the grid was dissolved by the use of diagonal sight lines which formed connection between the various functions like conference, open plan working hall, executive office, recreational zones etc.  The large open plan office consists of central axis along which an open library was placed. The workstations were placed on either side of the central axis. In contrast with the playful diagonal typology of the built the un-built spaces were neatly organized into grids of green squares.

Material Palette
The material palette for indoors are monochromatic shades of whites and Browns to emphasize more on the play of light and shadows. The outdoors are crafted with earthy colors of Indian stones like jaisalmer complementing the greens.