REN TECHNOLOGIES, NOIDA - An Eco-Sensitive Identity

Brief Overview - Ren Technologies Headquarters in Noida, India represents a creative collaboration of design and sustainability. The office design showcases the idea of Eco-sensitivity through its depiction of empathetic design and natural sensibilities.Situated amidst an array of cloned glass buildings, Ren Technologies design center stands out for its flexible planning and use of an unconventional palette of self-replenishing and renewable materials. 

  Office design for Ren Technologies

 Office design for Ren Technologies

Identity- Creating a Brand Value

Ren Technologies specializes in 3-D printing and design application with a range of materials. As a team of professionals they share the vision for sustainable creativity and realized it through resource efficient practices and strong initiatives. This has carved out a niche for them as a unique brand with an aware customer base.

The implementation of their vision in the work space design has further reinforced this Eco-Sensitive brand identity of the organization!


Project Information

Location : Sector-62, Noida
Project Area : 12,000 sqft
Project Estimate : Rs 1.2 Crore
Completion : October 2014

 Office interior design for Ren Technologies

Office interior design for Ren Technologies

  interior design with sustainable materials

 interior design with sustainable materials

Experiencing the space

The building encompasses a combination of work-space facility with production workshops. The double height entrance lobby acts as a buffer to the different functions and seconds as a display for the various products made at Ren technologies.  This entrance lobby is adorned by a cantilevered staircase which merges with an elaborate frame of wooden members suspended from the ceiling, creating the impression of a monolith. This breaks the double height volume and subtles the scale for multiple activities. As we move further the space unfolds into a central atrium looking into the workshops giving an insight to the essence of creation. This transparent character of the building unifies the building and the people inhabiting it. 

Conserving the Embodied energy

The ethos of the organization forwarded a sustainable design approach which was not only cost and resource efficient but lowered the environmental impacts and carbon footprint of the building. Up-cycling salvaged material by incorporating them in various elements was one such idea which became the focus of the design. Scrap material such as Packaging wood, glass bottles, metal plates in combination with green materials such as bamboo and earth bricks are remodelled into architectural elements

Expression of surfaces

The company works with a range of materials to create their products. To display these products and services to the clients, they wanted the building envelope to be an empty canvas for the display of their creative exhibits such as 3-D printed jallis, texture printed stone, tiles, etc. and thus generating a unique impression.

These surfaces with various patterns and textures not only enhance the aesthetics of the interiors but also divide the free flowing space into different zones. The double height wall behind the reception with the use of brick tiles is an expressive surface as one enters the office space



Interior design of the headquarter incorporates the use of art installations made with salvaged material from the production process at Ren. An example is the light installation fabricated with paper rolls, jute and bamboo embellishing the Central atrium. Other Eco-artworks are created as a part of the overall interior theme, which imbibes the philosophy of the organization.     


Fostering Eco-sensitive Trends

With the vision to lower environmental impact and reduce degradation, Ren Technologies has taken strong initiatives in the overall design of their office. In addition, substantial significance is given in showcasing this vision through creative reinterpretation of sustainability in  the interior theme.Environmentally sensitive office design taken up by Ren Technologies serves as a great example and a strong precursor for all upcoming and existing organizations. They have been successful in fostering an Eco-sensitive trend in the corporate sector that can inspire other organizations to follow for a better and greener tomorrow.

 Office design for Ren Technologies

Office design for Ren Technologies

Architectural Practice

Chaukor Studio has been involved in practicing and evolving the idea of Regenerative Architecture since its inception. Regeneration describes processes that restore, renew and revitalize their original source of energy and materials. Create sustainable systems that integrate needs of society with integrity of nature.


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