Inverted Office , Noida

Project : Corporate Office
Client   : Intellisoft Technologies
Project Area : 4,000 sqft
Project Estimate    : Rs 15 Lakhs
Completion Date : April, 2013

Inverted office is a manifestation of a hypothesis that postulates the existence of psychological and semiotic impacts of architecture on the human mind and also has metaphysical character. This is achieved with the unique use of materials and the scalar complexity that is introduced within the enclosed space.

 It is the same scalar complexity that is found in any natural form be it fractals, fissures, patterns etc. The idea is to interpret this scalar complexity through architectural interpretations with use of varied handmade materials that have natural scales inherently. 


Floor plate is divided into various functions like conference, open plan working hall, executive office, recreational zones etc. With a cost budget of Rs.20 Lacs, the existing floor plate that was previously being used by a manufacturing industry was to be converted into an office space for a web development company. The office area is supported with a breather space that has a cafeteria and a semi open green court. This shaded open area has a shutter that allows it to be completely open to the outside space and act as a spill out space whenever desired.Various iterations were tried out to conceive the layout that allows glare free natural daylight, flexible movement patterns, and segmented workstation docks for different teams that offers visual connection between the whole office and not the physical one.