CUBO Office , Noida

Project : Corporate Office- Cubo
Client   : Jhujhar Acoustics Pvt. Ltd.
Project Area : 12,000 sqft
Project Estimate    : Rs 1.75Crore
Completion Date : February, 2014

Functional Disposition

The covered area is spread over five floors with each having a typical layout. The typical floor plate design provides with a huge working hall with central corridor that reduces circulation by 50%. To further improve the floor plate efficiency, a very compact toilet block is designed that caters to the staff working hall, visitors and is also adjacent to the director block. This reduces the need to provide corridor in the service zones and maximizes area for working halls. All floor plates are designed with a separate reception zone such that various organizations can work in the same premises without any overlapping of activities.

A common entrance lobby and a reception are provided with an in-house gym and a cafeteria on the ground floor that serves as the recreational center for all the tenants. The side setback is landscaped which adds to the recreational zone of the building and also serves as the breather space. In addition to the side setback, a common landscaped terrace is designed at the top that is used as an informal discussion space, outdoor eating zone and also to hold events and parties by the corporates. The terrace is planned at the top; thus it remains segregated from the traffic noise and from outside people and provides with a private outdoor space and functions as a stress buster for all the working people.  


The planning is done to reduce heat gains from the front western façade by keeping the opening size smaller and recessed. This further reduces the Air Conditioning loads in the building and makes it cost as well as energy efficient.Light shelves are used on the southern and eastern façades of the building that provides with in-direct sunlight and ambient lighting without causing glare in the working halls.

Since openings and glazing are reduced in the front façade to reduce heat gains; landscaped terrace, recreational zone and cafeteria provide with enough out-door space to all the tenants in the building.

The material pallet has been kept simple and cost-effective. The building complex is sustainable in true sense as it uses fewer resources with the use of passive technologies and utilizes green spaces to insulate and reduce heat gains and requires very less artificial lighting in the working areas due to the use of light shelves.

With the incorporation of various passive techniques to reduce energy consumption, the operating cost of the building reduces thus maximizing the profits of the builders.