Scope : Architecture/ Interior
Location : Sector-71, Noida
Project Area : 4,500 sqft
Project Estimate : Rs 1.3 Crore

Scope : Architecture
Location : Jodhpur
Project Area : 3,500 sqft

Scope : Architecture/ Interior
Location : Jaypee Greens, G. Noida
Project Area : 8,500 sqft
Project Estimate : Rs 3.25 Crore

Scope : Architecture/ Interior
Location : Jagriti Enclave, Delhi
Project Area : 4,500 sqft

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Location : Jaypee Wishtown, Noida
Project Area : 6,000 sqft
Project Estimate : Rs 1.5 Crore

Scope : Un-Built
Location : Pandara Rd, New Delhi
Project Area : 5 Acres

Scope : Interior Design
Location : Vasant Vihar
Project Area : 4,000 sqft
Project Estimate : Rs 80 Lakhs


The residences/ houses designed by Chaukor Studio architects are not just physical spaces but habitats where families and individuals can nurture and grow in positive environments. We spend great amount of time in understanding the lifestyle, choices and preferences of our clients and create homes that reflects their personalities. Identity, functionality and flexibility are some of the many aspects we focus while designing any residence.