REN TECHNOLOGIES, NOIDA - Sensibility in Sustainability

Brief Overview - Office design of Ren Technologies is a profound representation of indestructible beliefs and modernity; and encapsulates the identity of the organization in its entirety. Reducing ecological impact and sustainability is one of the core fundamental philosophies of the organization that reflects in the design.


To compliment the sustainability aspect, interior design of the office space is composed of a variety artworks and installations made from of material like bamboo, recycled wood, reclaimed bricks and ropes. All of these materials have extremely low embodied energies and are renewable and self replenishing.

Identity- Creating a Brand Value

Ren Technologies India Ltd. has always been focused on reducing their carbon footprint on the environment. The same vision serves as the fundamental framework for the design process. Over the years, with strong initiatives towards environment sustainability, Ren Technologies has been able to carve out a niche as an eco-sensitive brand.

With proper implementation of its vision through design, the organization has been able generate a unique and an aware customer base!


Project Information

Location : Sector-62, Noida
Project Area : 12,000 sqft
Project Estimate : Rs 1.2 Crore
Completion : October 2014

04 Entrance.JPG
context plan 1.jpg

Design and Application

Multiple installations and artworks are designed to showcase the vision and actions taken by the organization to reduce environmental impact. To further minimize the carbon footprint, the material board for the project consists of naturally occurring renewable (fast growing) materials like bamboo and jute. Glass bottles, cardboard paper roles, packaging wood are among the scrap materials available on-site that are up-cycled and furbished into art-installations and designs. 

Sustainability through Strategic Application

Planning and design plays a crucial role in reducing the overall ecological impact of construction. Specialized construction techniques and selecting suitable materials can phenomenally reduce the carbon footprint. Ren Technologies have not just used these strategies to design their office space rather they have chosen to showcase its significance by integrating multiple art-installations made from salvaged and up-cycled materials.

Up-cycling Materials

Equipment and machines used at Ren Technologies are imported from neighboring countries and arrive in packaged wooden boxes. With the abundance of this waste material on site, all wooden planks have been refurbished to fabricate various ceiling designs and art-installations in the office. Additionally, these planks have been re-strengthened to design the cantilevered staircase of the main lobby. 

Renewable Resources

To further reduce the carbon footprint, natural materials that replenish quickly have been used in place of industrialized products. Bamboo, as one of the fastest growing material has been used extensively in the interior design of the office space. 

Salvaging Materials

In manufacturing, the energy required to furnish any material is called its embodied energy. Materials have been re-used to the maximum to minimize additional energy input. Exposed brick tiles have been recovered from another construction site and reused to highlight multiple spaces in the office.


Fostering Eco-sensitive Trends

With the vision to lower environmental impact and reduce degradation. Ren Technologies India Ltd. has taken strong initiatives in the overall design of their office. In addition, substantial significance is given in showcasing this vision through various art-installations and designs. Refurbished salvaged materials, renewable resources and up-cycling processes have been implemented to manifest a physical form of this unique vision. 

Environmentally sensitive office design taken up by Ren Technologies serves as a great example and a strong precursor for all upcoming and existing organizations. They have been successful in fostering an eco-sensitive trend in the corporate sector that can inspire other organizations to follow for a better and greener tomorrow.


Architectural Practice

Chaukor Studio has been involved in practicing and evolving the idea of Regenerative Architecture since its inception. 

Regeneration describes processes that restore, renew and revitalize their original source of energy and materials. Create sustainable systems that integrate needs of society with integrity of nature. We specifically aim at generating holistic building habitats. By integrating traditional formal expressions and design subtleties with present day technologies, we strive to create ecologically sound and elegant building environments.