Unboxed Coworking Office , Noida

Project : Corporate Office-Ren
Client   : Ren Technologies Industries
Project Area : 12,000 sq ft
Project Estimate  : Rs 1.2 Crore
Completion Date : July, 2014

Textures, patterns and colors form the critical part of all the products that are designed by Apsom Infotex. With a wide range of CNC and manually operated machines, they provide with a variety of services that range from printing to cutting various mediums.

The interior theme uses highly textured walls, bold color on the floors and CNC cut screens and boards to design various surfaces. Coupled with texture and color, the interior design comprise a variety of un-conventional material like bamboo, recycled packaging wood, exposed bricks, jute ropes and MS sections. Through exploitation and experimentation with a variety of mediums, colors and textures, we have interpreted the very fundamental produce of the company in the interior design of the office space.

A variety of materials, elements , textures and patterns are used in the main double height space to add complexity and depth.

A recycled wood ceiling creates patterns with light and shadows in the double height space in a sculptural formation. A distinct character is created in the main entrance lobby through the play of these patterns.

Material Palette

Bamboo and wood are used in conjunction to formulate false ceiling of various designs. Visual complexity is achieved through repetition of simple bamboo junctions. Bamboo is also utilized to direct light in the focused areas required for working , while concealing the source of light. 

Railing as an element

In line with the ceiling grid, supports for railing are solid in contrast with light metal rods connecting the two supports. Visually , the openness of the space is not compromised , yet segregation and safety are achieved where required.