Institutional and Public Building Design

Public buildings are an insight into the history and culture of the place. Public architecture is thus an extension to the identity of a city or town. At Chaukor Studio we are creating spaces which tend to create a macro impact on the people unique yet contextual buildings. Through our user centric design and strategically planned spaces we are creating public spaces that are transforming the way people are living and relating to their cities and regions.

Chaukor Studio is a design practice that aims to generate user-centric environments that are Unique, Experiential and Sustainable with a strong contextual backdrop.

Design Verticals

Our philosophy of public architecture is derived through thoughtful use of proportions, patterns and textures inspired from nature; and form the fundamental framework of design aesthetics. Additionally, in-depth attention is given to planning and detail to generate effective and holistic office environments foe people to work. 

Institutional and Public Buildings : Selected Case-studies

Chaukor Studio has received multiple awards and recognition across various national and international media for its uniqueness in design approach. Following are some of the selected Public/Institutional design projects that have been published and awarded for their design excellence and innovative approach.

Architectural Practice

Chaukor Studio has been involved in practicing and evolving the idea of Regenerative Architecture since its inception. Regeneration describes processes that restore, renew and revitalize their original source of energy and materials. Create sustainable systems that integrate needs of society with integrity of nature.

We specifically aim at generating holistic building habitats. By integrating traditional formal expressions and design subtleties with present day technologies, we strive to create ecologically sound and elegant building environments.