Scope : Architecture ( In-progress )
Location : Uttrakhand
Project Area : 2300 sqft

Scope : Architecture ( Un-built )
Location : Lansdowne
Project Area : 7160 sqft 

Scope : Architecture ( In-Progress )
Location : Motadhak, Uttar Pradesh
Project Area : 1700 sqft

Scope : Architecture ( Un-Built )
Location : Uttrakhand
Project Area : 5,200 sqft

Scope : Architecture ( Built )
Location : Noida Expressway
Project Area : 1600 sqft

Scope : Architecture ( Un-Built )
Location : Kanishka Farms, Jodhpur
Project Area : 3,500 sqft

Scope : Architecture ( Un-Built )
Location : Nepal
Project Area : 600 sqft






A unique user experience is created by designing the physical space in a manner that is similar to a journey that reveals itself gradually. To create such experiences,  Chaukor Studio architects revisits vernacular practices and merges them with modern technologies and local craftsmanship to render a sense of place.  Such places leave many imprints on the lives and memories of the people and are often revisited by the same set of people.

Architectural Practice

Chaukor Studio has been involved in practicing and evolving the idea of Regenerative Architecture since its inception. Regeneration describes processes that restore, renew and revitalize their original source of energy and materials. Create sustainable systems that integrate needs of society with integrity of nature.

We specifically aim at generating holistic building habitats. By integrating traditional formal expressions and design subtleties with present day technologies, we strive to create ecologically sound and elegant building environments.