Project List

List of Completed and Ongoing projects by Chaukor Studio Architects.



  1. Jai Bhawani Embroidery- Sector-8, Noida- Built- 21000sqft- Mr. Agarwal
  2. Cubo, Sector- 65, Noida- Built- 12,000sqft- Jhujhar Acoustics
  3. Lucent Industrial Corporation, Sector- 65, Noida- Built- 10,000sqft- Mr. Sinha
  4. UnBoxed CoWorking, Sector- 65, Noida- Built- 4500sqft- Mr. Bansal
  5. Ren Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Sector-62, Noida- Built- 12,000sqft- Mrs. PreetiDadu
  6. Inverted Office, Sector- 65, Noida- Built- 4000sqft- Intellisoft Technologies
  7. Origami Office, Sector- 68, Noida- Built- 7750sqft- JJ Imprints Pvt. Ltd.
  8. FOX Inc, Sahibabad, UP- Built- 3445sqft- Mr. Arjun Deshpremi
  9. Nirala Infratech, Sector- 63, Noida- Built- 4875sqft- Mr.Suresh Garg
  10. Priya Global, Sector-5, Noida- Built- 350sqft- Mr. Goyal
  11. Industrial Shed - Sector-11, Noida- Built- 2840sqft- Mr. Gurpreet Garg
  12. Industrial Shed- Surajpur, Greater Noida- Built- 10250sqft- Mr. Sonal Goyal
  13. PEB Industrial Shed- Surajpur, Greater Noida- Built- 13520sqft- PG Electroplast Pvt Ltd.
  14. Bansal Industries, SIIDCUL, Kotdwar, Uttranchal- UnBuilt- 7630sqft- Mr. Bansal



  1. Vault House, Sector- 71, Noida- Built- 4500sqft- Mr. Anand
  2. Jaypee Greens Villa, Greater Noida- Built- 8500sqft- Mr. Agarwal
  3. Minaret House, Jaypee Wishtown, Noida- Built- 6000sqft- Mr. Sharma
  4. Duplex Apartment, Vasant Vihar, Delhi- Built- 4000sqft- Mr. Channa
  5. Haveli, Jodhpur, Rajasthan- UnBuilt- 3500sqft- Mr. Anand
  6. Preet Vihar, Delhi- Unbuilt- 8480sqft- Mr. JK Goel
  7. Laxmi Nagar, Delhi- Unbuilt- 5165sqft- Mr. LN Garg
  8. Kotdwar, Uttranchal- Built- 1250sqft- Mr. Bansal
  9. Patiala, Punjab- Built- 4950sqft- Mr. Satish Garg
  10. Swastha Vihar, Delhi- Unbuilt- 3120sqft- Mr. Vipin Chopra
  11. Punjabi Bagh, Delhi- Built- 2590sqft- Mr. Sunil Singla
  12. Sector- 26, Noida- Built- 460sqft- Mr. Sonal Goyal
  13. Barnala, Punjab- UnBuilt- 2995sqft- Mr. Manikant Garg
  14. Malout, Punjab- UnBuilt- 5920sqft- Mr. Agarwal
  15. Affordable Housing- Un-Built- 10Hectares(Site Area)- Mr. LN Garg
  16. Affordable Housing- Sector- 53, Noida- UnBuilt- 42,280sqft(72 Units)- Mr. Agarwal



  1. Guest House,  Kotdwar, Uttarakhand- Built- 2850sqft- Mr. Bansal
  2. Guest House, Kanishka Farms, Jodhpur, Rajasthan- Built- 3500sqft- Mr. Anand
  3. Mountain Hut, Nepal- UnBuilt- 245sqft- International Architectural Competition
  4. Club House Facility, Greater Noida- Unbuilt- 47,715sqft- Mr. Singh



  1. Commercial Dairy, Phugana, Karnal- Built- 2.5Hectares (Site Area)- Mr.Tarun Chandra
  2. School, Ludhiana, Punjab- Unbuilt-24050sqft- Mr.Manikant Garg
  3. School, Malout, Punjab- Unbuilt- 33750sqft- Mr. Manikant Garg
  4. Museum of Anthropocene, Sector- 62, Noida- Unbuilt- 1,63,000sqft
  5. Cancer Facility, Gangaram Hospital- Unbuilt- 2240sqft- Mr. Mahdeep Singh Gaur
  6. Modular Cost Efficient School, Mogolia- Unbuilt- 350sqft- International Architectural Competition



  1. Water Village, Sharjah, UAE- UnBuilt- 37Acres(Site Area)- International Architectural Competition
  2. Centre for Democracy, Delhi- UnBuilt- 2,69,100sqft
  3. Civic Centre, Nehru Place, Delhi- UnBuilt- 24,575sqft
  4. Sky Bridge/ Foot Over Bridge, ITO, Delhi- UnBuilt- PWD, Flyover Bridge Division, New Delhi 

Architectural Practice

Chaukor Studio has been involved in practicing and evolving the idea of Regenerative Architecture since its inception. Regeneration describes processes that restore, renew and revitalize their original source of energy and materials. Create sustainable systems that integrate needs of society with integrity of nature.

We specifically aim at generating holistic building habitats. By integrating traditional formal expressions and design subtleties with present day technologies, we strive to create ecologically sound and elegant building environments.